Fire resistance of doors is one of the most important aspects of safety in residential and commercial buildings. Often underestimated, it plays a crucial role in preventing fires and protecting life and property. 

DOORDESIGNLAB, a leading manufacturer of interior doors, is proud to announce that it has received two prestigious fire resistance certifications from two leading safety and quality organizations, Intertek and UL. These certifications confirm the highest standard of safety and reliability of interior doors offered by DOORDESIGNLAB.

Intertek Certification

Intertek is a world leader in testing, inspection and certification and its certifications are an internationally recognized mark of quality. Intertek certification ensures that DOORDESIGNLAB interior doors meet the most stringent fire resistance standards. According to this certificate, the doors have been fire tested for 20 minutes, which means that they are able to prevent the spread of fire in the room during this time, ensuring safety and evacuation time in case of fire.

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Certification

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is another world giant in the field of safety and certification. The UL certificate emphasizes that DOORDESIGNLAB interior doors have been thoroughly tested and successfully passed the tests. The UL certificate also confirms that the doors remain stable for 20 minutes under fire conditions. This means that they can prevent the spread of flames and gas emissions to other parts of the building, ensuring safety and protection of life and property.

Fire-resistant doors are designed to slow the spread of fire from one room to another. This gives people in the building more time to evacuate and call the fire brigade. A fire can develop very quickly and every second counts. Fire resistant doors create a barrier that can save lives.

Fire not only threatens lives, but can also cause serious damage to property. Fire resistant doors help to confine a fire to one area, preventing it from spreading throughout the building. This can save valuable items, documents, and equipment from destruction.

Fire-resistant doors provide safe evacuation of people from a building in the event of a fire. They serve as a pathway to safety by providing shelter from smoke and fire. This is especially important for apartment buildings, schools, hospitals and other public places where large numbers of people need to be rescued.


Intertek and UL fire resistance certificates emphasize the high quality and reliability of DOORDESIGNLAB interior doors. The company is committed to the safety and comfort of its customers by providing doors that meet the highest standards. Intertek and UL certification confirms that DOORDESIGNLAB interior doors are not only a stylish and functional solution for your interior, but also reliable protection in case of fire.