FF 14 is one of the most popular MMO RPGs, which was created by Squire Enix to provide a competitor to the acclaimed World of Warcraft and at the same time popularize the entire series of games and films Final Fantasy, introducing new and old heroes in a new direction.


You must choose your race and class from the proposed heroes. Squire Enix did not make a confrontation between factions, but simply created a project in the spirit of the console versions of FF, in which the main emphasis is on the adventure itself, and not on achieving specific goals, although they are encouraged.

Leveling up

You’ll gain levels in the game to unlock new quests, locations, raids, and equipment you can equip.

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A huge number of quests, tasks and assignments await you, which you need to complete in order to level up faster and accumulate resources to strengthen your hero.

The basis has always been and will be the main story quests, which play an important role in FF 14, because it is through them that the developers from Squire Enix will tell the main plot and history of the project, award you a large amount of experience and gil and gradually teach you key mechanics that are important know and be able to advance through game levels and content that is regularly updated.

The total number of hours spent on story quests alone will take players at least 100 hours of real time.

As part of such tasks, you will be able to meet a large number of famous characters from the console versions and heroes who will finally receive a continuation, or even completion of their story.

Your hero will receive his digital avatar not only during movement and action, but also during cutscenes and quest introductions, which will give more presence and realism from influencing all decisions and events that will occur within the framework of FF 14 boosting.

Secondary tasks are quests with which the locations and cities of the world of Final Fantasy are simply overflowing, and you need to not only find such tasks, but also analyze their rewards and complexity of completion in order to combine them with each other and story quests in order to ultimately bring great progress to the Final Fantasy boosting for your hero, not to mention the gils and equipment that can also be obtained by completing quests of all types.

Tasks and stands

In each large location, you will see task posts that have a strictly limited time and a certain amount of tasks that need to be completed in the current region.

These can be tasks to destroy certain monsters, use of special weapons and skills, and other general gameplay tasks.

Your main goal is to complete the entire task before the timer expires, otherwise the tasks will simply be updated without issuing any reward, including FF 14 leveling.


This is a format in which you move away from the idea of quests and other activities and start simply destroying monsters in large numbers.

The most important thing is to find enemies that will surpass you in level. It is these monsters that will bring the largest amount of cheap leleving to Final Fantasy until you catch up and surpass them in level.

FF 14 is implemented in such a way that there are no pure supports and even healers can fully engage in grinding, which is difficult or practically impossible in other projects.

In order for grinding to be more profitable and more effective than quests and FF 14 boosting, you must quickly kill groups of monsters, which literally all heroes can do, some faster, some slower, but the essence remains the same.

Every class in Endgame Fantasy will have a consistent ability to kill these types of enemies, at least as long as players want to continue character development in this way.

Grinding brings not only a lot of experience, but also gil, equipment and weapons.


Final Fantasy has its own special mode, which allows you to quickly gain experience and level FF 14.

FATE starts randomly and means a spontaneous invasion of monsters in a random area of the game world.

To get the maximum benefit, you must kill as many monsters as possible, or inflict at least a little damage on them, because the final increase in experience will be calculated from the damage inflicted on each target, which is also beneficial, since it will allow you to get at least something for your boosting in FF 14


If you want to receive new high-quality equipment and weapons and, at the same time, gaming experience, then you should pay attention to the raid system.

You need to assemble or join a ready-made group that will enter a dangerous temporary zone and engage in battle against bosses of varying difficulty.

The first raid is on normal difficulty and is an introductory version that allows players to get new gear and equipment and prepare for more difficult formats that will have valuable items, but also an increased difficulty to win.

Bosses on Heroic and Mythic difficulty will use dangerous skills more often and attack everyone in the group harder.

It is precisely such raids that will bring, first of all, the opportunity to obtain legendary equipment and weapons, which will significantly increase the hero’s combat potential, including attacking and in terms of future leveling in Final Fantasy 14.

Military service and other activities

When you complete the main storyline and want to take a break from the constant grind in favor of interesting tasks and challenges.

You can join one of three branches of the military to progress from rank-and-file positions to leadership roles in your chosen field.

You can join the navy, cavalry, or special operations.

The tasks will differ from the choice made, but each new quest will bring you special coins that can be exchanged for special armor and weapons related to that branch of the military.

You will rise in rank and enjoy greater trust from the faction leader.