If you are going for a divorce in Kenosha, you should first learn whether you are eligible for it. There are certain terms and conditions for becoming eligible for divorce. They generally include residency requirements and should be based on the grounds of divorce. A Madison divorce attorney will advise you when you become eligible for divorce.

What are the residency requirements?

If you and your spouse want to file for divorce in a certain state, you should meet some residency conditions (which vary in different states). Usually, you should have lived for half a year to a year in the state in which you are filing your divorce. The duration of the stay may vary from state to state. 

What do you mean by grounds of divorce?

Before the “No-Fault Divorce” law was recognized, you needed to prove your spouse’s fault to get a divorce. But with no-fault divorce recognized, you just have to state that your marriage is irrevocably broken and cannot be mended by anything you do to get a divorce. If you just state that in court, the court will have to give you the divorce. And no-fault divorce is easier and more convenient in nature than the old one.

Nowadays, some states even allow legal separation, which is actually not divorce, as you need to stay separate, but you will still be married legally. This law will vary from state to state because every state has its own individual laws.

You should hire a skilled lawyer while filing for divorce, while you can file without a lawyer, especially if you have complex issues like child custody, property distribution, and alimony. You should keep in mind these factors before deciding to get divorced. A lawyer will guide you through the whole process, keeping your best interests in mind.  

To start the process, you must first file a petition for divorce with the local court. You can even complain about the incompetence of your spouse, and it will be considered a petition for divorce in rare cases. The court will inform you about the necessary forms you must fill out and the fees you must pay. Then, you should let your spouse know about that in a humane and legal manner.

During divorce proceedings, you and your spouse might have to reach an agreement regarding issues like child custody and alimony. If you cannot agree about this issue, the judge will do it for you.

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