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Irv Gotti Net Worth and Income:

Irv Gotti is an American hip-hop and R&B record producer, DJ, and singer from New York who has a net worth of $14 million. He earned recognition after being the CEO and co-founder of the popular record label called Murder Inc

Gotti always had a passion for becoming a rapper so he continued to work on his rap skills as well at that time. After being a DJ for almost 3 years, Gotti eventually got an opportunity from artists like 50 Cent, Merlin Iman, Yasiin Bey, and David Banner, to perform in Eyes on the Hip Hop the hip-hop music video released in 1995. 

Apart from establishing his label, Gotti is also recognized as a DJ and has worked with numerous high-profile artists over the decade. He first started his professional career as a DJ in the 1990s and began performing in New York clubs and local parties. 

Gotti formed his record label Murder Inc. with the help of his brother named Chris Gotti. From that point forward the two began working with the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z, and DMX, as well as he produced a number of hit singles for famous singerS Ashanti, JLO, and Ja Rule.

His work with these hip-hop stars led him to become one of the most prominent producers in the rap industry. 

Gotti is known for producing more than fifty music videos and almost a hundred hit singles which he produced throughout his career. He first made a name for himself as a DJ and then became a music producer, record executive, as well as CEO and co-founder of his label. 

Irv Gotti Net Worth 2022:

NameIrv Gotti
Net Worth$14 Million
Age52 years old
Date Of BirthJune 26, 1970
Annual Income$2 Million
ProfessionAmerican Record producer,
Singer, DJ
Zodiac SignCancer

Early Life:

Irv Gotti was born Irving Domingo Lorenzo Jr in the Hollis area of Queens, New York City on the 26th of June 1970. His father Irvington Domingo Lorenzo Sr worked as a cab driver while his mother Nee Nee Lorenzo was a homemaker. He is of half African-American and half Filpino decent. 

He faced a lot of financial and personal issues in his childhood, and growing up in a huge family was difficult for him. Irving has seven siblings including his brother Chris Gotti.

He was still in high school when Irving started working as a drug dealer, peddling crack and cocaine, to earn a little bit of cash. Luckily he was caught by the authorities when he first try to sell coke and crack.

From there he started taking his passion more seriously and began a music career in the early 1990s instead of serving his teen years in crimes and jail. 

Music Career:

After establishing himself as one of the known DJs and performing in New York clubs, Gotti decided to drop his first music video for Eyes on Hip Hop in 1995. That was the same year when the popular singer Mariah Carey approached him to work as a director for her music video titled Joy to the World.

In 1996 Gotti worked as a producer for famous rapper Jay-Z’s debut album Reasonable Doubt released in 1996. That album led the producer the work with some big names in the hip-hop industry. From that point forward Irv adopted the stage name of Irv Gotti after the suggestion of Jay-Z

The blockbuster movie Rush Hour was released for which Gotti wrote the hit single Can I Get a… in 1998. Since then he continued to produce and compose more tracks for the big hit drama Belly’s Grand Finale and Story to Tell.

Gotti started getting offers from several record labels to work with them so he produced hit music. At that time it was the rising rapper DMX who introduced Gotti to Def Jam Records and after teaming with the label, Gotti convinced Jay-Z to sign with Def Jam. 

Irv Gotti Music Career

In 1999 Gotti worked as a producer for the single How Many Wanna and followed up with another track We Murderers Baby which he produced for the Next Friday a widespread comedy movie. 

Gotti eventually teamed up with his brother Chris and he co-founded the record label called Murder, Inc. The company then became a 50% partner with Def Jam who also provided a $3 million loan to Gotti to start his new venture.

Murder, Inc. also was spread by industry giants such as Universal Records and Sony Music in the following years.  Later in 2001, the film producers approached him to compose the music for the movie Angel: One More Road to Cross.

Since then he continued to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry by working for more than 10 singles for several films. The American singer Ashanti also asked him to produce her debut single. 

In the following year, two high-profile artists signed with his label Murder, Inc. including Ashanti and Ja Rule. That same year he directed the music videos for Foolish, Down 4 U, and Baby (Remix). 

In 2011 Gotti had an appearance in an episode of the television series called ConanIn that year, he got a chance to write the track Foolish for the movie About Time. In 2014 Gotti remixed Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again’s documentary’s single I’m Real.

Deals with Labels:

In one of his interviews, Gotti revealed that he got an offer from Universal Music Records for 1 million dollars for the labels and 50 percent of his masters with Universal Music Record holding the other 50 percent.

Irv Gotti eventually signed a huge $300 million contract with Iconoclast Oliver Chastan’s label. He sold 50% of rights in his records in interaction for the money he will get to support his television works.

Gotti’s master’s is valued at $100 million, and $200 million in the line of honor that he utilized to not only work as a producer and creator of his TV programs but also to now own them. 


Gotti began his relationship with Debbie Lorenzo and the couple later got married. They have 3 children together including Angie, JJ, and Sonny. 

During his relationship with Debbie Gotti was also romantically linked with rapper Ashanti and as a result, Debbie filed for a divorce. In 2013 their divorce was finalized and their marriage life ended. Since then Gotti has been married to a girl named Ashley Martelle

Legal Issues:

In the year 2003 Gotti’s brother found himself involved in a shooting incident on the streets of New York City. 

Officers started investigating that Gotti pushed the injury on himself due to the way the shot penetrated his leg during the inquiry but no real reports were ever found.


After the 2003 investigation, Gotti’s record label Murder Inc. switched its name to The Inc. when fifty government agents raided Murder Inc.’s Manhattan headquarters. 

In 2005 the producer succumbed to federal charges to accept money-laundering allegations for helping a mate and condemned a drug kingpin in hiding more than $1 million in illegal drug payments.

Kenneth McGriff, Gotti’s friend known as Supreme on Queens’ streets, would simply send sacks of cash to Mr. Gotti’s label, Murder Inc., on Manhattan’s Eighth Avenue, which was claimed by Prosecutors.

Gotti was charged with money laundering along with his brother Chirs, Ja Rule’s manager Ronald Robinson, and the label’s bookkeeper Cynthia Brent.  

After putting up their parents’ home in Bronxville to guarantee the bonds, Gotti and his brother Chirs claimed not guilty and were released on $1 million bonds and Gotti refused to gather drug capital to start his company.

Real Estate:

Irv Gotti has a net worth of $14 million and the rapper can afford million dollars properties. In 2018 Gotti spend $3.636 million on a lavish mansion which is located in one of the posh areas in Encino, Southern California. 

This house spanned over a quarter-acre of land and features several fireplaces, a beautiful backyard, a massive swimming pool, a patio, and a lot more. Moreover, the house has over 6,600-square-foot living space with 5 beds, and 6 baths, and has a breathtaking view from the balcony.  

In the year 2021 Gotti listed this mansion for sale at $1,849,000 after putting the estate on the market for rental at $12,500 per month in 2019. 

In late 2000, Gotti paid almost $1 million for a loft-style mansion located in the expensive Tribeca area in New York City. This house spans over 2,062 square feet of living space with a lot of amenities. 

Irv Gotti Income, Salary

Income Sources:

Irv Gotti started his music career in the 1990s and has established himself as of the lead producers in the country. A big portion of his income comes from his record Murder Inc. The rapper has worked with several artists as a music video director and producer in which he accumulated a vast chunk of money. 

A significant amount of his revenue also comes from the entertainment industry such as television shows. According to some reports, Irv Gotti amassed over $10 million at the peak of his music career. He lost a lot of money due to several charges including money laundering and much more. 

Irv Gotti Net Worth:

As of 2022, Irv Gotti Net Worth is estimated to be around $14 million. He is one of the richest record producers and music video directors in the hip-hop world and also gathered a lot of fame throughout his career. Irv Gotti’s monthly income is over $250,000. 

After working with the likes of Jay Z and Ashanti, Gotti has earned more than $20 million by producing numerous breakthrough tracks.

The rapper has also grabbed the attention of big brands and is making a good sum from sponsorships. Gotti’s yearly income is approximately to be around $2 million which comes from various sources. 

People Also Ask FAQs

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How much is the worth of Irv Gotti?

Irv Gotti's Net Worth is currently 14 million dollars.

How much money does Irv Gotti make?

Irv Gotti is making is more than $2 million annually.

What is the age of Irv Gotti?

Irving Domingo Lorenzo Jr was born in the Hollis area of Queens, New York City on the 26th of June 1970, he is 52 years old.

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