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King Yella Net Worth: 

King Yella is an American rapper from Illinois who has a net worth of $500 thousand. He is best known for releasing tracks such as Ready Set Go” and “How I Do It.” Yella’s rap career started back on August 6, 2010, when he dropped his first single titled Swagg Check. 

Few rappers have wasted more of their excellent getting shot or serving time in and out of jail than Chicago artist, King Yella. Whether he’s beefing with rapper Offset over “smashing” the rapper’s girlfriend Cardi-B, or claiming the police officers are out to get him. Instead, he’s turned himself into something of a YouTuber and is making a decent living by doing so. 

Net Worth 2022:

NameKing Yella
Net Worth$500 thousand
Age32 years old
Date Of BirthFebruary 25, 1990
Birth PlaceIllinois
Zodiac SignPisces

Early Life:

King Yella was born on the 25th of Feburary 1990 in Chicago, Illinois. His real name is Simone Lewis better known by his celebrated name King Yella. Ever since first breaking into the music industry circa 2010. He has remained pretty tight-lipped about his past, probably because he has spent most of his teenage years wrapped up in the gang scene that Chicago is notorious for.

As a teenager King spent a lot of time hustling on the streets of Chicago town, more precisely he also became a part of the disciples called “Out Of Block.” King Yella released his first single on August 6, 2010, with the song titled “Swagg Check,” from there he had further associated himself with rappers and members from GPG and STL among others.


Over the next couple of years, he’d continue to produce music of varying degrees of success. Dropping mixtapes like 2014’s “Yellow Corleon,” alongside “Aint Livin Right,” and some others, most of these tracks showed up on his SoundCloud profile and he had released the accompanying music videos over on YouTube.

In the mid-2010s, King Yella’s music career began to noticeably dry up. In 2013 at the age of just 23, King Yella was reportedly facing a 30-year prison bid. Over the next handful of years, King found himself in and out of prison on various charges. Apart from that King Yella would continue to do more or less the exact opposite.

Because shortly thereafter Yella brought a whole lot more attention to himself when he began speaking about a possible former relationship with Cardi B. When he was not gaining much attention in the music industry he began uploading regular vlogs on his YouTube channel and sometimes these uploads included the occasional new song like the single titled “Cardi B Truth.”

When Cardi B’s husband Offset heard this he confronted Yella and was willing to fight the dude over the forums. In 2018 the same year that Yella was letting loose all about Cardi rooms and was also arrested for charges that included domestic abuse and some others. Yella winds up spending three years behind bars and only to be released in 2021.

He filmed his release from prison and shortly thereafter dropped a music video titled “Counted Me Out” on his YouTuKing spent a lot of time as a younger hustling on the streets of Chicago town, more specifically he also became a member of the disciples set known as “Outbe channel. Later King Yella was headed back to prison and more recently he has revealed that not only he is out of jail but his YouTube channel is finally beginning to turn a real profit. King Yella showed that he made $10,000 from his YouTube channel in just one month.

King Yella Net Worth:

As of 2022, King Yella Net Worth is estimated to be around $500,000. He is one of the rising rappers in the country and has released many tracks throughout his career. The main source of his income comes from his YouTube channel as he shared the news on social media that the rapper made more than $10 thousand in the month of May 2022 from his channel. 

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