In a digital world where paper documents are replaced by electronic ones, content management tools are extremely important for the efficiency of office work. One of the most popular programs of this type is SwifDoo PDF.

SwifDoo PDF software is based on OCR (optical character recognition) technology, which enables the transformation of paper documents and PDF files into editable formats such as .docx, .xlsx or .html. It also offers many other functions useful for companies employing office workers.

This flexibility allows you to scale your operations and ensures that employees have access to the tool when they need it.

What Features of SwifDoo PDF Are Particularly Useful?

OCR with advanced language recognition – recognizes and converts texts in various languages, which is extremely important for companies operating on the international market.

  • Convert to editable formats – Allows you to convert paper documents, scans and PDF files into formats that can be easily edited and customized.
  • Task automation – offers automation of routine tasks such as processing batch tasks, which increases work efficiency.
  • Full-text search – makes it easier to find specific information, even in scans or PDFs.
  • Editing images and graphics – allows you to edit images and graphics contained in documents, enabling the personalization of office materials.
  • Comparing documents – allows you to quickly detect differences.
  • Advanced tools for working with the PDF format – allow you to make changes with the background preservation function, which allows you to create active forms and prepare the document for electronic signature.
  • Conversion to other formats – allows you to adjust document formatting to your company’s preferences.
  • Data security and confidentiality – provides advanced data security functions and allows granting access rights, which is important for companies working with documents containing confidential data.

For Commercial Users

SwifDoo PDF software is already used by different scale entities, and the cross-section of industries is impressive. Here are some application possibilities:

  • Law firms and accounting firms can use the OCR function to transform paper documents, such as contracts or invoices, into editable forms and facilitate their processing;
  • Marketing agencies can use conversion to EPUB and XPS formats to publish content online;
  • Logistics and forwarding companies can use its advanced features to process transport documents;
  • Architectural and design companies can edit graphics and diagrams in documents, adapting them to the individual needs of clients;
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies can use full-text search to quickly find information in large medical reports and records.

Regardless of the industry, everyone can benefit from SwifDoo PDF functions, increasing the efficiency of office work and optimizing business processes. It’s safe to say that SwifDoo PDF is becoming an indispensable tool for both single users and companies that strive for digital transformation.

The latest version of SwifDoo PDF introduces improvements to the PDF conversion engine and a number of innovative new features that provide greater flexibility and functionality when managing PDF files.

The new SwifDoo PDF combines all the great features of previous versions with some powerful new features.

Key New Features

New OCR and UI Languages
In addition to English, French, Spanish and German, the SwifDoo PDF interface now supports 9 languages. And its modernized OCR engine also supports 26 languages in total.

Improved Compatibility with Windows 11 

Microsoft will be phasing out support for Windows 10 in the next few years, so the developer made sure that the latest version of SwifDoo PDF is fully compatible with the latest Windows 11.
Extract All Images from PDF
Access all image data stored in PDF files without quality loss. You can use SwifDoo PDF to extract all images from a PDF file into individual image files that can then be used in other programs.

Various Other Improvements
Reduced conversion time and memory usage when converting large PDF files. Sticky buttons for more streamlined PDF workflows. 

Mobile Applications

The developer has only recently published the mobile versions both for Apple iOS and Google Android. Thus making the program more compatible and accessible for broad users. 

One of the main advantages of SwifDoo PDF is the possibility of simultaneous access to the program on an interchangeable basis. Thanks to this, the company can purchase a license that allows working with the program on many workstations at the same time, with the number of simultaneous users being limited to the number of purchased licenses.