The feel of a home’s interior space is largely based on the colours present. Warm shades produce a sensation of coziness while cooler shades evoke the feelings of elegance and a modern vibe. Choosing the right colour to paint your kitchen cabinets can be essential to creating the perfect cohesive design to your home’s interior.

Whether you want to compare and contrast with a colour on the walls, or in artwork or elsewhere in the home, there are endless colour and design options that clients have when they want to update the look of their cabinets.

You may be looking to sell your home, or simply want to make your space feel refreshed and vibrant; painting your kitchen is an excellent way to make a massive home improvement at the fraction of the cost it would take to renovate.

In this article we will take a look at a number of popular colours that are trendy and work well with a variety of home interior designs, as well as more creative and vibrant colours that some clients are choosing as a way of adding a unique personal touch to their home.

Whites and Greys 

The contemporary grey walls with white cabinets and trim are the most popular way to have a clean, modern look that will sell easily on the housing market.  This colour combo has been massively popular recently, although the newest research suggests more clients are choosing vibrant and creative colour schemes.  There are numerous whites and greys that still look absolutely fantastic on cabinets.

Shades of grey that feature cooler blue undertones look fantastic as an accent shade on a kitchen island, such as Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Grey or metropolitan.  For a warmer option, rockport grey features well as a standalone colour in bathrooms or on built ins. 

There are numerous shades of white that feature vibrant undertones that can be accentuated with daylight or bright kitchen lighting. White dove and swiss coffee are both popular cabinet colours that feature warmer undertones, while oxford white and classic grey act as stylish and contemporary cooler off-whites. There’s a variety of white and grey shades that evoke a ton of creative style and emotion through undertones, without the worry of being too bland or sterile. 

Blues and Greens 

One of the trends in home design today is to express more creativity and emotion in colour choices, and that extends to kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  Bright, rich blues and earthy greens are becoming more popular for individual bathroom cabinets or as an accent colour on an island.  Even darker shades of green and earthy green-browns look amazing on a full set of kitchen cabinets provided it has adequate lighting. 

Hale Navy is an ever-popular choice for a dark blue shade, while Patriot Blue offers more richness and flair. For creative greens that work well anywhere in the home, Hunter Green and Eucalyptus Leaf are earthy, cozy colours that add a ton of style to your cabinets.

The options truly are endless when it comes to selecting colours – whether it’s from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams or a custom shade of your own choosing. Adding a trendy shade of blue, green, charcoal or even smoky brown to your cabinets can add a unique and creative touch that nobody else has.

Warm versus Cool Shades

Most basic colour schemes can be broken down into a variety of different shades based on the undertones they portray in different lighting.  Simply asking for “white, blue or grey” does not work anymore!  We have painted kitchens all kinds of different off-whites, creamy warm tones as well as cooler icy white shades.  There are all sorts of grey shades that give off warmer greige undertones, cooler blue or green undertones, even earthy brown and beige undertones when exposed to different lighting sources.

These are all factors to take into consideration when selecting your perfect colour – the warmth of your kitchen lighting and the shade of your wall colour will also help shape the final look of your painted cabinets. 

Colour Matching 

If the perfect colour for your refreshed kitchen cabinets already exists inside of your home, we can do our best to match it to a shade of sprayed lacquer to continue the already existing flow and cohesion of your home’s interior colour scheme.

Matching to a trim colour, painted walls, or even a shade that appears in art or furniture are all possible with the right tools and know-how.  You might already have some painted cabinets in your home and want to get an exact match made to paint the rest of your home.  Or you may have a painting hanging on the wall in the kitchen with just the right shade of grey for an island accent colour.

Thanks to the quality of modern products and the colour-matching technology that’s available (as well as the keen eye of interior design experts!) almost any colour can be made into a stylish and modern cabinet coating.