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Trisha Paytas Net Worth and Salary: Trisha Paytas is an American YouTuber, social media star, singer, and model from California with a net worth of a whopping $10 million. She first came to the limelight after Trisha started vlogging on YouTube and produced her own music video that brought in millions of views. 

Paytas has a self-titled YouTube channel where she managed to gain millions of subscribers through her unique content. Apart from that, she also made her appearance on a number of television shows including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Dr. Phil, and Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she showed off her talents. 

She also became cast for an episode of Modern Family, and several other popular shows. Trisha grabbed the attention of artists and was featured in the music video for Eminem and Amy Winehouse, among others. 

Trisha Paytas Net Worth 2022:

NameTrisha Paytas
Net Worth$10 Million
Age34 years old
Date Of BirthMay 8, 1988
Annual Income$1 Million
ProfessionAmerican YouTuber,
Social Media Personality
Zodiac SignTaurus

Early Life:

Trisha Kay Paytas was born on the 8th of May 1988 in Riverside, California, about an hour from East LA. She was born to her father Frank Paytas and her mother Lenna, who is a YouTuber.

Paytas is the daughter of Frank and Lenna. She is of Hungarian descent and when she was three years old her parents got a divorce. From there Trisha moved to Rockford, Illinois with her mother while her father decided to stay in California. 

Teisha also has an older brother Nick and a younger half-sister named Kalli Metz on her mother’s side who is also a vlogger. Teisha went to school in a Farm Town called Byron Illinois, and she loved the town but struggled with body issues. 

During this time Trisha’s mother was working three jobs to pay the bills. Her mother also remarried and Trisha’s stepdad fathered her little sister Kalli. That marriage came to an end and her mother went on to Trisha’s second stepfather but they got divorced shortly thereafter. 

Career Beginnings:

At the age of 15, Trisha’s brother graduated and moved back to California. Around this time she had dreams of becoming a Hollywood actress and with her brother out in California, she wanted nothing more than go live with her father for freshman year. 

Trisha managed to convince her mother to let her move out there but unfortunately, Trisha didn’t quite fit in. During that time she got bullied and last just 4 days in school then she got her father to enroll her in an online Catholic School. 

In her sophomore year, Trisha returned to Illinois to live with her mother and went to a small town called Pecatonica. While attending school she tried out for cheerleading in theater classes which helped her win over her classmate’s hearts and got her the title of most likely to become famous. 

Throughout her senior year, Trisha did not get along with her mother or sister so the day after graduation she moved back with her father to California. Her dad forced her to go to Community College but she was president to pursue her acting career. 


Trisha’s first television appearance came in 2006 on the Greg Behrendt Show. She found this gig on craigslist and one appearance led to another. That time she quit Community college and she ended up moving out on her own. Trisha got some money from her mother to buy a car and things were going okay for a little while. 

Trisha found some ways to make money, she took gigs as a club dancer and her outgoing personality. Meanwhile, she was still working on her acting career and went on to participate in the reality show titled “Who wants to be a Superhero?” for four episodes. She also appeared in the Amy Winehouse music video “Tears Dry On Their Own”. 

In January of 2007, Trisha created her YouTube channel dedicated to two of her idols including Michael Jackson and Quentin Tarantino. Later she again moved back with her dad, her father got her back into school but when another opportunity came around she dropped out again. 

This time it was appearing on the pilot for a show about stocks and bonds, apparently, it was some kind of game show because she won $10 thousand from the show. Paytas used that money to move out on her own and was soon joined by her mother and sister, who decided to return to California at the time. 

Trisha continued to make her TV show appearances in shows such as The Price Is Right, Modern Family, and Jane By Design. But the biggest breakthrough moment of her career came when Trisha played Fat Jessica Simson in Eminem’s 2009 “We Made You” music video. 

This video eventually opened the door for many other gigs including being a background dancer for singer M.I.A, in 2010. She was also with The All-American Rejects – Beekeeper’s Daughter in 2012. In the year 2010 Trisha was featured in an episode of My Strange Addiction in which she admitted to being a training addict.

Even though she knew the chance of getting skin cancer was hot. That training was probably putting a bit on her pocket and that $10,000 was starting to run low. That time one of her close friends Brian committed suicide which put Trisha in a pretty dark place. 

Trisha Paytas started focussing more on her YouTube channel and her content transitioned into trolling videos that gained her many subscribers. Some of her videos went viral and earned millions of views per video. In 2010 Trisha was invited to join The Ellen Degeneres on stage to show her speed-talking talents. 

That appearance helped her to boost her subscriber count on YouTube as to the late appearance on America’s Got Talent. In early 2013 Paytas was invited to appear in an episode of the Dr. Phill show. About a year later and million subscribers down the road, Trisha created her second YouTube channel where she began uploading personal vlogs and videos of her mainly eating pizza. 

In 2014, Trisha released in debut single Santa Baby on her main channel and she continued putting out singles that secured her millions of views and fans. In the following year, she caused a lot of controversy for se#ualizing racism in a video called Leonardo Dicaprio music video. Later Trisha was able to keep producing music videos that did extremely well. 

In 2015 alone she released three EPs including Fat Chicks, SuperFicial, and Under the Covers. Next year her music hit the Billboard Heatseekers Chart for the first time with the EP Daddy IssuesThat same year she dropped two more EPs ShowTime and Warrior. 

In 2017 Trisha released the EP “Chicken Fingers and Lipo”, she also entered the Celebrity Big Brother House alongside reality star Brandi Glenville. After just 11 days on the show, Paytas decided she had enough of housemates and she quit. By that time Trisha was already getting enough views to make it out of the Big Brother House, still a winner.

Trisha Paytas Husband, Personal Life

Personal Life:

Trisha has been romantically linked with both Roger Bart and Anthony Michael Hall

In 2015 Trisha started dating multitalented entertainer Sean van der Wilt. But the relationship came to an end in the following year after Trisha discovered him kissing another man. 

Trisha is also been romantically linked to WWE wrestler Dolph Ziggler, recording artist Crispin Glover, movie star Dale DaBone, drummer and songwriter, Phil Varone, actor David Lipper, and American singer Aaron Carter.

From 2017 to 2019 Trisha had a pretty happy relationship with YouTube personality Jason Nash

In 2020 Trisha Paytas started dating Moses Hacmon an Israeli artist. At the end of that year, Trisha announced that the couple got engaged. In the following year, their marriage ceremony was held in Las Vegas and the couple married a second time in January 2022 while they were on a vacation in Maui. 

Real Estate:

Trisha Paytas has a net worth of a whopping $10 million and she is enjoying a luxury lifestyle with her fiance. She has a beautiful house that costs around $3.75 million located in Westlake Village. She bought this mansion with her husband and it features 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.

Trisha owns a splashy “Rolls Royce SUV” in a specific shade of pink. 

Trisha Paytas Net Worth:

As of 2022, Trisha Paytas Net Worth is estimated to be around $10 million. She is one of the lead social media personalities in the country and worked with a number of high-profile artists such as Eminem, Amy Winehouse, and many others. 

According to reports, Paytas starred in more than 45 different TV shows including reality shows and series. Tisha amassed a pretty good sum of money from her YouTube channel where she has almost 5 million subscribers.

She accumulated a vast chunk of wealth from various sources such as appearing in shows, music videos, social media presences, OnlyFans accounts, and brand endorsements. Trish has done multiple commercials for big names including La Senza Bikini, Movember Prostate Cancer PSA, Mercedes-Benz, and many others. 

Trisha Paytas can easily earn $1 Million per year and her net worth is continuously growing. 


Trisha Kay Paytas is a YouTuber, media personality, model, singer, and more, She was born in Riverside California, raised in Illinois, and relocated to Los Angeles in her teen years. It’s been a long and hard road to the top for Trisha who began her career as a teenage stripper and escorts on the streets of Hollywood.

However, her bold personality ended up scoring her dozens of small part TV roles even as an extra, but she kept at it. Trisha got her viral social media fame. Currently, she ranks as one of YouTube’s most enduring and notable faces. 

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How much is the worth of Trisha Paytas?

Trisha Paytas's Net Worth is 10 million dollars.

How much money does Trisha Paytas make?

Trisha Paytas is earning more than $1 million annually.

What is the age of Trisha Paytas?

Trisha Kay Paytas was born on the 8th of May 1988 in Riverside, California, she is 34 years old.

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