Discover the perfect blend of luxury and performance in a diving watch. Explore essential qualities of the ideal timepiece.

Only true watch lovers know, a timepiece is not only a time-teller, but it’s the presentation of an individual’s personality. Some people keep their watches as a part of them.

When this watch lover is a Scuba Diver, we believe in witnessing the highest Water Resistance, Class, and Elegance in the same wristwatch.

So, today we are here to reveal What Qualities a Good Diving Watch Possesses. Besides talking about The qualities of a Diving Watch, we are going to give you the best Diving Watch for a lifetime. 

The timepiece that is going to be unveiled will blow your mind, having class and elegance with the resistance of water. 

Qualities of a Good Diving Watch:

Before forking out the best diving watch, we need to know what are the qualities that make a diving watch the best. Some of the qualities of a good diving watch are mentioned below:


Water resistance is the very first thing that a diver’s watch should have. Many people say that the water resistance of the timepiece must be 200 to 300 meters but it’s not true according to the experts. 

100 meters of water resistance for a timepiece is enough, after crossing 40 meters the divers enter in Advanced and Technical Diving. So all you need is a screw-down crown and 100 meters of water resistance if you are diving casually.

Luminosity in Markers and Hands:

A diver’s watch must be a true time-teller under the muddy surface of the water, when the divers reach the depth of the ocean and meet mud splashes, only a lume watch is the solution to tell the time in this situation.

There is a huge variety of tritium watches with the highest resistance to water that glow in the dark and fulfill the time-telling deed even in the darkness

The Toughest Timepiece:

As we all know, a diver’s watch would be under the water for a long time, so it is obliged to be tougher than any other watch. While diving in the sea and discovering new things about the mysteries of the sea, you meet many rocks, wrecks, and other objects that are tough for your timepiece. 

While diving in the deep, your timepiece is at the highest risk of damage. Keeping these things in mind, you need to choose the toughest timepiece for the exploration of marine life.

Accurate Time-Teller:

Nobody likes to wear a timepiece that is late or delayed, especially while you are diving in the deep of the sea, you do your best and glance at your wrist, you think you made it on time, but actually, you are 2 or more minutes late, it’s not your fault but your watch’s. That is why the diver’s watches are required to be accurate time-tellers.

Readable Dial & Diving Straps:

A Readable Dial (Visible to a user) is preferred to be worn by the divers. The dial should be decent and simple and have no complicated designs. The dial must be average in size and have visible hands and markers.

The quality of straps for a Diving watch plays a magnificent role in the value and reliability of the timepiece, the best diving straps are made of stainless steel, braided Perlon, Tropic, or isoprene rubber. 

Best Diving Watch (A Personal Suggestion):

As a former Scuba Diver, I need to realize all these things for choosing the Best Diver’s Watch for myself. After completing all the research I found a timepiece that has a high level of perfection. It has a high standard of class and fulfills all the qualities that a true diver’s watch should have. 

What made BODERRY a brand of choice for me? Why do I force myself to have it on my wrist? Is this a Mechanical Watch that I am going to reveal? Let’s talk about their Diver’s Watch in detail:

SEATURTLE OCEAN (TITANIUM) – Automatic Titanium Diver Watch:

This marvelous timepiece The Seaturtle-Tritium Watch is designed to raise awareness about marine life, especially Sea Turtles. The design is focused and symbolizes the sea turtle shell. 

This Titanium Watch is finely crafted with a 40mm brushed Titanium Case. The numbers are coated with Swiss Super-LumiNova so the timepiece withstands the darkness.

A Screw-down crown and case ensure the resistance of water up to 100 meters, so you don’t need to worry about the water and deepness.

The dial is protected with a Sapphire Crystal glass, so your timepiece is not at risk of scratches, and the dial presents a turtle shell-like design as well.

What makes BODERRY’s Diver Watch more special?

  • The movement that is used is Seiko NH35.
  • A round legible dial with lume hands and markers.
  • Straps are comfortable and Flourorubber is used to craft them.
  • The lightest timepiece to be called, it weighs 72 grams only.

Why did BODERRY choose titanium?

The titanium that is used in crafting The Seaturtle, has the finest quality, not only it has a shiny appearance but also it has the ability to beat many Titanium Watches in the category. The reasons for choosing Titanium over other metals are more satisfying when you read them:

  • Titanium is 30% lighter and 40% harder than Stainless Steel, making it more comfortable to wear.
  • Tritium has excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance.
  • It is also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for those with steel allergies.


As we have discussed the Qualities of a Good Diving Watch, on behalf of these qualities we have given you the finest timepiece that has the highest durability. 

As compared to many Mechanical Watches, “BODERRY’s” Seaturtle series has more accuracy and class. And more I can add is, this timepiece is quite economical and values your money.


What makes a good divers watch?

A dive watch must be legible underwater. Many contain luminosity for low or no-light conditions. Dive watches come equipped with a rotating bezel that lets the wearer know how long they have been underwater. 

What makes a dive watch waterproof?

Several features are required to make a watch impermeable enough to wear diving. In nearly all dive watches, the case has a screw-in back and crown. O-rings are used to seal the crown, case back, and crystal. The case and crystal are thicker than in a non-dive watch.